Club History

Located in the very southern edges of Yorkshire, halfway between Sheffield and Worksop, the former mining village of Kiveton Park is an unlikely contender when it comes to listing the hotbeds of world football. But the football club that represents the area has an impressive history almost as old as the village, and indeed the sport itself.

Formed a few years after the opening of the local colliery in the 1860s, Kiveton Park FC has produced league champions, cup winners, internationals, and, in the words of renowned sports journalist Patrick Barclay –  “…at least one great man, widely considered the father of football as we have come to know it.” (see ‘Past Players‘) Not bad for a small village of 6,000 people…

Kiveton Park before 1864 was a tiny agricultural settlement consisting of no more than a few farmhouses and its workers. Within a few short years of the colliery being sunk, the village had grown almost to the size it is today, with 95% of its population employed at the pit.

At the same time, the sport of football in Sheffield was growing at about the same speed. It wouldn’t be long before it took a hold with the miners at Kiveton.